Put a fighter in the parliament

The Socialist Party is standing Councillor Stephen Jolly in the seat of Richmond at the November 29 State election. Stephen has been on Yarra Council for nearly 10 years and has proven to be a responsive, effective and active representative.

We want to offer people a real fighting alternative to the mainstream parties at a State level. In a number of ways the Liberals are trying to destroy this area and unfortunately Labor are no better on the main issues.

The key issues we will be campaigning on are:

• No to the East-West toll road tunnel
• Free and frequent 24hr public transport
• Planning for residents not big developers
• Cap public and private housing rents
• Protect our live music and arts culture

If we were able to get a socialist elected to the State parliament it would help lay the basis for a real break with the two-party system in this country. With enough resources and support we can make this happen!

If you can help please contact our campaign office on 03 9639 9111.


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