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Stephen Jolly is a local who understands the different areas that make up the seat of Richmond.

In his role as a Yarra councillor, Stephen has represented residents and worked hard to ensure the area retains its diverse character.


Lots of people in Abbotsford are concerned about development near the banks of the Yarra River. They want the mandatory set backs and height controls to protect this unique area. People are also worried that Johnston Street will be turned into a Docklands-style high rise area after the upcoming zoning changes.

Residents need a MP that stands up for their interests and not the big developers.

Unfortunately there are also lots of drug issues in this area, including around Victoria Street. Since the late 1990s Stephen has fought for a safe injecting facility as a way to get drug use off the streets, and as a means to get users the help that they need.

Stephen has a proud record of winning improvements for Abbotsford residents including leading the charge to get Victoria Park redeveloped and supporting the battle to keep the Abbotsford Convent open for all.


In the coming period the State government and Yarra Council will rezone the area around Burnley Station. Their vision is for lots of matchbox apartments in high rise towers.

Neither the Council nor the State Government has any real plans to match new developments with the services needed for a growing population. Their only concern is raking in more money in rates and facilitating more profits for their developer backers.

If elected Stephen will continue to work with Burnley residents to fight for planning that puts residents’ interests first.

Clifton Hill

One of the major issues facing Clifton Hill residents is the East-West toll road tunnel. If allowed to go ahead it will wreck homes and the community in the southern end of the suburb.

Traffic and rat-running is an issue in the area but this $8 billion project will not help. In fact it may make some streets worse as people try to avoid the tolls.

Stephen has done a lot of work helping to mitigate rat-running but the only real way to stop it is to expand public transport in the outer suburbs so that people are not always forced to drive.

Stephen has been a passionate advocate for the public housing residents in Clifton Hill, concentrated mainly around Noone Street. Having a pro public housing MP in the parliament would only help strengthen this representation.


Collingwood, like Clifton Hill faces a huge threat from the East-West toll road tunnel. Stephen stands totally opposed to this project and in particular the demolition of the homes around Bendigo Street.

The Collingwood public housing estate is in desperate need of refurbishment. Facilities for young people on this estate are totally inadequate. At the very least we need a new indoor basketball stadium. This could be built on the grounds of Collingwood College and would be great for the school, the Collingwood All Stars, and the local community.

As with other areas the lack of planning is a concern. With new developments happening on Stanley Street and at the Brewery site we need extra services to match including childcare.

As a Councillor Stephen has done much to protect Collingwood and he would continue this work at a higher level if elected to the state parliament.


Cremorne is often a forgotten part of this area. Like Richmond it is currently undergoing immense change.

Lots of residents want to see the employment base remain so that locals don’t always have to travel long distances to work. People want to live in communities that have homes, schools, services, public transport and job opportunities.

Traffic, parking and over-shadowing from new high rise blocks are a major problem in Cremorne. If elected Stephen would ensure that this small but important suburb is not ignored.


Fitzroy is one of the cultural hubs of Australia. Stephen has long fought to ensure it stays that way. Unfortunately gentrification and rising rents are pushing lots of people out of the area.

One way to address this would be to introduce rent controls. At the same time planning laws need to take account of the live music and arts venues to ensure they are protected.

Last year Stephen led the fight to save the open space at the Fitzroy public housing estate. He also helped stop the previous Labor government selling off the nearby Condell Park to developers.

Going back many years Stephen has supported campaigns to save the Fitzroy pool, participated in protests against the widening of Alexandra Parade and helped young retail and hospitality workers win better pay and conditions on Brunswick Street.

North Fitzroy

Edinburgh Gardens is one of the best parks in Melbourne and is the central feature of this suburb. Stephen has fought keep it that way while ensuring that it is open and accessible to all – including young people.

Childcare is an issue for families in the area. It desperately needs to be expanded. We need to fast track the building of the new library on St Georges Road and demand that the state government allow a new indoor sports centre to be built on the old Gas and Fuel site.

While the suburb has a number of tram and bus lines we need to see services extended so that they run around the clock. A free, frequent and integrated public transport system would change the face of Melbourne for the better.


Earlier this year Stephen worked to try to stop Council rezoning whole chunks of Richmond into a zone that facilitates inappropriate development. Unfortunately Labor and Green councillors refused to stand up to the state government.

The challenge now is to fight inappropriate developments as they come up and fight in the parliament for progressive changes.

Stephen has a proud record of standing up for the Richmond community. In 1993 he led the fight to save Richmond Secondary College (now Melbourne Girls College).

Stephen has done a lot of work with public housing residents at the Elizabeth Street estate but ongoing vigilance is required to ensure that the open space there is protected.

Richmond is the fastest growing suburb in the inner city and it needs a MP that understands the issues and is prepared to be a fighting representative.


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