Stop the East-West toll road tunnel

Put a fighter in the parliament

The proposed East-West toll road tunnel is facing massive opposition in this area and beyond. It won’t stop gridlock in the area but it will take money away from projects that will stop gridlock like an expanded public transport system, including a railway line down the Eastern Freeway.

The brave stand of locals who picketed the preliminary works forced delays to the project and has thrust the issue to the top of the political agenda. If the government tries to ignore the majority and proceed with this unpopular project it will no doubt face more community pickets at the construction sites.

Disappointingly Labor continues to refuse to commit to rip up the contracts if they are signed highlighting their fake opposition to the project.

The Socialist Party helped organise the 3000+ public transport rally on June 28 and will continue the campaign regardless of who wins the State election.

Footage from the from the June 28 #rally4pt


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