Plan our city for residents not big developers

Put a fighter in the parliament

Lots of construction is taking place across the seat of Richmond but no-one is really overseeing this development in a planned way. Lax planning laws allow almost anything to be built, including tiny units of less than 50 square metres! Most apartment blocks are built without adequate parking.

On top of this, even when Yarra Council recently had an opportunity to protect residents and encourage development towards mixed use with new residential zones they failed to do so. Most of the ALP and Green Councillors put whole chunks of Richmond in the wrong zone, allowing three storey apartments in single storey streets.

The Socialist Party is fighting for planning in the interests of residents not big developers. We want to see State laws that allow for mandatory height limits, a percentage of low cost housing in all significant developments, limits on the granting of parking waivers, and all new dwellings to be matched with the services they need.


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