Free and frequent 24hr public transport

Put a fighter in the parliament

Public transport in Victoria is bursting at the seams. Obviously we need roads, but to really create a liveable city we need public transport in every suburb.

The Socialist Party stands for a free, frequent and integrated public transport system that runs around the clock. A proper 24 hour public transport system would give people the option to get out of cars leaving more room on the roads for tradies and others who need to drive.

By reducing congestion we would reduce greenhouse gas emissions and in the inner city we would be better placed to tackle problems like rat running and parking chaos.

The barrier to expanding and integrating the public transport system is the private operators. We need to bring the system back into public hands, but under the control of the community. That way we could run it it with people’s interests in mind – not private profits.

Stop the East-West toll road tunnel

Put a fighter in the parliament

The proposed East-West toll road tunnel is facing massive opposition in this area and beyond. It won’t stop gridlock in the area but it will take money away from projects that will stop gridlock like an expanded public transport system, including a railway line down the Eastern Freeway.

The brave stand of locals who picketed the preliminary works forced delays to the project and has thrust the issue to the top of the political agenda. If the government tries to ignore the majority and proceed with this unpopular project it will no doubt face more community pickets at the construction sites.

Disappointingly Labor continues to refuse to commit to rip up the contracts if they are signed highlighting their fake opposition to the project.

The Socialist Party helped organise the 3000+ public transport rally on June 28 and will continue the campaign regardless of who wins the State election.

Footage from the from the June 28 #rally4pt

Plan our city for residents not big developers

Put a fighter in the parliament

Lots of construction is taking place across the seat of Richmond but no-one is really overseeing this development in a planned way. Lax planning laws allow almost anything to be built, including tiny units of less than 50 square metres! Most apartment blocks are built without adequate parking.

On top of this, even when Yarra Council recently had an opportunity to protect residents and encourage development towards mixed use with new residential zones they failed to do so. Most of the ALP and Green Councillors put whole chunks of Richmond in the wrong zone, allowing three storey apartments in single storey streets.

The Socialist Party is fighting for planning in the interests of residents not big developers. We want to see State laws that allow for mandatory height limits, a percentage of low cost housing in all significant developments, limits on the granting of parking waivers, and all new dwellings to be matched with the services they need.

Protect our live music and arts culture

Put a fighter in the parliament

Thriving live music venues are an important part of inner city culture. However unchecked development and gentrification is putting this culture under threat.

Inadequate planning laws often allow high rise development next to long-established live music venues. This happened recently in the CBD with the Cherry Bar in AC/DC Lane.

Now the recently reopened Gasometer Hotel on Smith Street in Collingwood faces similar problems from a plan to build a mega-tower right next door to it.

The Socialist Party stands for the introduction of an ‘agent of change’ principle. This is the idea that the party who changes the status quo should be responsible for dealing with any issues like sound proofing.

Cap public and private housing rents

Put a fighter in the parliament

Housing stress is a major problem for most ordinary people. There are a number of things that the State government could do to offer people some relief.

Massive investment in public housing would help wipe out the waiting list and also create thousands of jobs. At the same time public housing rents should be capped at no more than 25% of income.

While expanding public housing the government could also introduce rent controls for the private rental sector. Victoria has had forms of rent control in the past and cities like New York still regulate private rents today.

If elected Stephen would fight for reforms like this in the parliament but also continue his work helping to fight for affordable housing for all.


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